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Apple sued for eating up storage space

iOS 8 was a big update and maybe a little too big for some users. It is obviously in the United States and California that this happens with the filing of a class action complaint. The apple firm is accused of having misled its customers on the storage capacity available on its iPhone, iPad and iPod, with the guilty party designated iOS 8.

The complaint arose under the impetus of two users from Miami, Florida and focuses mainly on the storage capacity swallowed by iOS 8 on terminals for which Apple boasts 16 GB.

A table accompanying the complaint shows another reality, whether for terminals after switching to iOS 8 or for iPhone 6 with pre-installation of iOS 8. Between 18.1% and 23.1% of the space of available storage announced by Apple disappears:


This problem of distortion of reality compared to what is marketed regarding storage space is not new and criticisms have also been made against other manufacturers.

Apple is also accused of intentionally deceiving its customers in order to force them to use its iCloud service for additional storage. The plaintiffs are seeking damages and a change in Apple's policy.