Apple Stores: 10 years already!

Apple Stores: 10 years already!

Ten years ago, on May 15, 2001, at the Tysons Corner Center shopping center in Virginia, Steve Jobs revealed a group of journalists about the launch of the Apple Stores. The first two were opened four days later, May 19, 2001. One at the Tyson Corner Center and the other at the Glendale Galleria Glendale in California.

To remind you of this magical moment, here is the presentation of these by Steve Jobs himself. He explains his project become reality. A moment of nostalgia but of capital importance for the Cupertino company in its ascent!

The rest of the international community waited until 2003 to see the first Apple Store open outside the USA in Japan. Apple Stores in the UK, Canada, Italy, Australia, China, Switzerland, Germany and France have followed a different pace.

Summary of Apple Stores worldwide – Source: Wikipedia

There are just over 315 Apple Stores around the world (spread across 11 countries), 50 of which will open their doors this year. Regarding Belgium, already in 2009, Trends Tendance explained that Apple planned to open an Apple Store in the future in Brussels, prohibiting Abelsys from crowding one of its stores in the same city. Where is this topic at the moment? Unfortunately, no information has yet been revealed. One can reasonably think that one will open in the European capital but without being able to specify the date.

Opening of the Apple Store in the Louvre – Paris.

Let’s dwell for a moment on the service that comes with each Apple Store: The Genius Bar. This location is specially designed to receive customers with a technical problem with an Apple product, or simply to service a previously purchased device. A specialist of the brand will take care of your concern directly, not hesitating to change the defective goods if necessary. Many of our readers have been able to realize this by visiting the Apple Store Centro in Germany or the Louvre Paris. The reception they received there and the efficiency of the service were up to the reputation of the brand, and no one could change a defective iPhone or iPad.

To celebrate this anniversary with dignity, Apple is sure to release something new or make an announcement on one of its products. In this regard, rumors from 9to5Mac would speak of an imminent release of Mac OS X Lion as an event! Once it’s not customary, Apple may surprise us. Here is the interview with Steve Jobs in 2006 by CNBC in the Apple Store on 5th Ave. He talks about the success of apple brand stores.

The Apple Stores were the first step in a long process that would reconcile Cupertino society with success. We know the rest with the release of the first iPhone (launched on June 29, 2007 in the United States), the iPods which are not outdone, and finally the iPad (presented on January 27, 2010 by Steve Jobs) which will remain the product the fastest-selling computer in the world.

To finish, we could see the parodies blooming on the Internet, here is a small summary made in “Guignols de l'Info” in a video:

No doubt that the real success story in place for 10 years now should be able to continue.

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