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Apple Store: Thunderbolt Display 27 ″ bows out

thunderbolt display 27 - Apple Store : le Thunderbolt Display 27

thunderbolt display 27 - Apple Store : le Thunderbolt Display 27

What was only a rumor becomes reality: the 27-inch Thunderbolt Display is retiring and Apple deleted it from the online Apple Store a few hours ago. After years of good and loyal service, the brand’s only screen still available yesterday is therefore relegated to the rank of prosperity. No succession is announced for the moment, neither by Apple, nor by the noises of corridor.

Apple retired the 27-inch Thunderbolt Display monitor last night, removing it from its online store. While rumors have been predicting it for the past few days, La Pomme, without a press release or announcement, is shelving one of its most frank successes. If it is still sold by third-party resellers and the essential Ebay at prices quite expensive for what it is, the screen has completely disappeared from Apple sites.

thunderbolt display 27 - Apple Store: Thunderbolt Display 27However, the firm did not comment on the likely arrival of a successor. The next generation is expected to land alongside the new MacBook Pro Retina and Mac Pro. If by then nothing is offered by the Apple, it will unfortunately fall back on the models of 4K monitors enjoying them, the connectors of the MacBook, the USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 port which tends to become the standard in the middle of electronic devices.

As a reminder, the next MacBook Pro Retina should embed the USB-C connector to replace the HDMI ports, Mini Display-Port and alongside the OLED panel, whose advantages are constantly being taken up by various designers. You can also see some possibilities brought by this revolutionary panel and conceptualized by readers of 9to5mac.