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Apple Store: Second Store To Open In Taiwan


Posted: June 6 2019
Updated: June 6, 2019

by Lucie

Apple should open a new shop Apple Store at Taiwan, the second in a region where the apple brand is acclaimed.

Sales ofiPhone had been generally difficult in 2018 for Apple… Except in Taiwan! In first place on the smartphone market, the Cupertino company went from 30.4% (2017 results) to 33.6%, far ahead Samsung. Faced with the craze of the Taiwanese, few offers of specialized shops … A second Apple Store should therefore see the light of day on the peninsula.

The new point of sale would be located in the commercial district of Taipei, on the ground floor of the shopping center Xinyi A13. Apple has already surrounded its new building with white walls on which the brand logo is associated with the word ” Taipei In Chinese ideogram. We can also read in Chinese ” Creativity is in preparation here

The first Apple Store Taiwanese, theApple Store Taipei 101, opened in July 2017, at the bottom of a skyscraper in the district of Xinyi. No information indicates the date of opening of this second boutique with architecture made in Apple.