Apple Store: MacBook Pro non-Retina gradually disappears

macbook pro - Apple Store : le MacBook Pro non-Retina disparaît peu à peu


Posted: June 22 2016
Updated: June 22, 2016

by benjamin

Would this be the end for the MacBook Pro 13-inch non-Retina? In recent weeks, several Apple Stores have removed this model from their presentation tables. This also seems quite normal since this MacBook Pro was seriously starting to become obsolete. Not only did the last update go back to 2012, but the Retina display model is also starting to gain ground and today attracts almost all users.

macbook pro - Apple Store: MacBook Pro non-Retina gradually disappearsRegarding this last point, a new MacBook Pro Retina should see the light of day in the coming months. Moreover, this one does not fail to arouse the interest of all since it will be accompanied by important novelties. We are of course talking about the arrival of the OLED bar in place of the function keys and the integration of the Touch ID which should allow users to better secure their personal data.

However, although rumors concerning it are rife on the web, its date of presentation has not yet been announced. However, everything suggests that this new model of MacBook Pro will be unveiled at the same time as the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus during the keynote next September.