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Apple Store: Israel deprived of official Apple stores


Posted: April 1 2019
Updated: May 15, 2019

by Steve

Failed negotiations or fear of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? The apple brand would not openApple Store in Israel, even though it would have obtained all the necessary agreements from several shopping centers to install one. Apple had indeed planned to build its permanent store at the Azrieli Sarona tower, 61 storeys high, located in the Israeli capital Tel Aviv.

Azrieli Sarona tower - Apple Store: Israel deprived of official Apple stores

According to official sources, negotiations between representatives of the Cupertino company and the owners of the giant tower have failed. It must be said that Apple, taking advantage of its dominant position, undoubtedly asked for very big money. The Californian brand would be an outstanding negotiator, and rather hard to convince.

According to information from 9to5Mac, Apple would have demanded from the owners a discount or even a total cancellation of certain rents. For the firm, the installation of an Apple Store compensates for this shortfall given the number of customers who enter the premises to buy an iPhone, iPad or Macbook. Obviously, Israel did not accept this deal and Apple left the tail between the legs. To the chagrin of Apple aficionados. It will therefore be necessary to go elsewhere to take advantage of the employees in the blue T-Shirt!