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Apple Store employees to help improve Plans

Apple Store employees to help improve Plans

Apple would have decided to mobilize the employees of its Apple Stores to contribute to the improvement of the Plans services under iOS 6.

Apple is said to be mobilizing employees from its Stores to help improve Plans. If no details have been filtered regarding their mission, we do know that the employees of each shop should share 40 hours of weekly work for this task. In theory, this will mainly involve verifying local data which will allow the service to be improved quickly.

This rather painful work would be necessary for Plans to quickly catch up on Google Maps and Nokia Maps. The contribution of the employees of the Apple Stores will also be entirely voluntary, no employee of the firm being required to participate in this program. However, since each Apple Store participating in the program must work 40 hours a week, it is strongly recommended that teams work together to avoid one or two employees ending up with the work of 10 men on their backs …

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(Source: MacRumors)