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Apple still measures the temperature by selling the iPhone SE again

Apple definitely has no desire to let go of her little model. TheiPhone SE, a very popular model among apple phone fans around the world, is once again on sale in the official online store of the Cupertino company. In the United States, in any case, because no trace of the small iPhone, released in 2016, on the French store. But let’s move on.

The American giant therefore brings out its 32 and 128 GB versions on the Apple Store online. However, it had completely disappeared from the sale a few months ago. Apple therefore markets the 32 GB iPhone SE at 249 dollars and its 128 GB edition at 299 dollars, which is respectively 100 and 150 dollars less than originally.

iphone se - Apple is still measuring the temperature by selling the iPhone SE again

This is the fourth time that the apple giant has released its iPhone SE online: when the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR were released, it had disappeared from sale. With its 4-inch screen, it is difficult to remain competitive with large screens. At least that’s what Apple thought at the time. But given the slowdown in iPhone sales last year, the Californian company wants to return to the market a very affordable smartphone, in order to enjoy a boost in profits.

What if this resale was a way for Apple to gauge the temperature of its audience? If it still works, the iPhone SE could very well have a little brother, after all…