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Apple: “Spotify only wants rights, without constraints”


Posted: March 15 2019
Updated: March 15, 2019

by Steve

As you recently reported World is Small a few hours ago, Spotify filed a complaint against Apple, invoking the European Commission, for unfair competition. Margrethe Vestager, Commissioner of Competition, reacted by supporting Spotify in half-words. The apple brand did not fail to respond to Spotify via a scathing press release.

spotify apple - Apple:

The Cupertino company then criticizes the approach of the streaming giant, which would modify reality to present it from a bad angle. According to Apple, ” Spotify wants all the benefits of a paid system, but without paying a single penny ” The apple brand is also challenging other accusations made against it, such as blocking updates to the Spotify application or the unjustified advantage linked to its own ecosystem. That said, Apple is not talking about its 30% commission, levied on all purchases from the App Store.

Spotify’s goal is to make more money from the work of others. And it’s not just the App Store he’s trying to pressure, but also artists, musicians, and songwriters “Continues Apple. Then to conclude: ” We are proud of the work we have done to help Spotify build a thriving business that reaches hundreds of millions of music lovers. We wish them much success – after all, that was the goal of the App Store. ” War is declared.