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Apple: soon sending money between individuals by iMessage?

iMessage iOS 9 - Apple : bientôt l

iMessage iOS 9 - Apple : bientôt l


Posted: November 22 2015
Updated: November 22, 2015

by Martin

A few days ago, a report posted online by the Wall street journal predicted thatApple was going to launch a new mobile payment service between individuals, based on Apple Pay (read: Apple Pay: soon a service to send money to friends?).

iMessage iOS 9 - Apple: Will iMessage send money between individuals soon?According to Quartz, Apple could set up its money transfer platform in iOS using the native application Posts, and more specifically its proprietary messaging service iMessage. The site quotes “people who have discussed the program with Apple”.

Messages is one of the most used pre-installed apps on iPhone, and is especially popular among young people. A survey by the Jott messaging service found that it is the preferred messaging app for 60% of teens, according to TechCrunch. If the Cupertino company chooses to use iMessages to allow the sending of money between friends, it could therefore be that Android users are left out…