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Apple solves iMessage problem

imessage Apple provides the solution to the diMessage problem

Apple has just created a new page on its website that shows users who have switched from an iPhone to an Android device, or any other non-Apple smartphone, how to unsubscribe from iMessage and deactivate the application.

The new online tool arrives following the problem of text messages not transmitted between Android users and those of iPhone, iPad and iPod who still use iMessage.

For those who have switched to another smartphone and no longer have an iPhone, the site offers a field where they can enter their phone number, receive a confirmation code and enter this code to confirm their unsubscription from iMessage. Apple also explains how to unsubscribe and deactivate iMessage if you still have an iPhone.

Apple tool to unregister from iMessage Apple provides solution to diMessage problem

For those who still have an iPhone, transfer your SIM card to your iPhone, go to Settings, press Messages and deactivate iMessage. And if you’re still faced with undelivered text messages after following these steps, Apple has added a support page to uninstall iMessage.

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