Apple slightly decreases the opening of Wall Street

Apple slightly decreases the opening of Wall Street

Apple shares fell very thinly on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday, with investors wondering about the long-term future of the computer glove after the death of Steve Jobs, even if analysts displayed their confidence in the management team. Around 1:40 p.m. GMT, the title lost 0.58% 376.05 dollars on the electronic exchanges of Nasdaq.

The group announced Wednesday the death of 56-year-old Steve Jobs, who co-founded the apple brand in a garage in 1976 and orchestrated the launch of all its flagship products, from the Mac computer to the iPad.

“Apple is its heritage like Disney is that of Walt Disney and GE that of Thomas Edison. The culture of innovation, of thinking differently, of risk taking will survive ”, said Shaw Wu, analyst at Sterne, Agee & Leach. “The challenge and the opportunity for Apple is to maintain this culture. The good news is that Steve has a solid team in place. ”, he added.

On sick leave since January, Steve Jobs had resigned on August 24, in favor of his number two Tim Cook, Apple employee since 1998. He had been working for years to locate factories, coordinate distribution and strengthen profits group selling its iPods, iPhones, iPads and other iMacs by ensuring that the struck apple products did not languish in warehouses.

“Tim Cook is highly qualified for his new role as General Manager and has a strong management team with talent for supply chain management, hardware and software design and product promotion”, how Michael Walkley of Canaccord.

“Even if the passion, the creativity and his keen eye for capturing consumers' tastes will be lacking, we believe that Mr. Jobs and the Apple management team have built an unrivaled talent base and a corporate culture that lay the foundations for success and innovation in the future ”, he added.

Tim Cook had undergone his baptism of fire on Tuesday with the presentation of the new generation of the iPhone, a performance deemed dull by some observers, accustomed to monthly shows by Steve Jobs.

"With Jobs, we would have left thinking that the iPhone 4S was better than it is. In this case, people left saying that he was worse than he is ”, said Rob Enderle, independent analyst, for whom Apple has lost its “magic”.

Tim Cook was relatively behind, after counting successes already made, letting marketing director Phil Schiller explain the functions of the new device.

“In the end, people don't buy products because of Steve Jobs, but for what these products can do for them”, early Tim Bajarin, of Creative Strategies.

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(Source: AFP.)