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Apple slashes battery changes on iPhone XS or XR

Apple slashes battery changes on iPhone XS or XR

iphone xr iconIf you want to change the battery of your iPhone XR or iPhone XS yourself, be aware that the path will be quite winding. In fact, iOS will offer you, in any case, to go to after-sales service with the phone, although the latter works without problems. Explanations.

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Crdit: iFixit

Battery change at Apple: an almost closed circuit

While Apple had weighed down on battery replacement by allowing those who opted for third-party batteries to still be supported in the Apple Store (for other problems for example), Apple seems to have locked the latest models: iPhone XS and iPhone XR. Indeed, the Youtuber TheArtofRepair specialized in repairing iPhone, found that the Apple operating system always displayed an error message on its XR, even if the battery changed was an official Apple component. Odd especially since the apple wanted to be transparent on battery management following the #batterygate.

Without limiting performance, which was the case before, iOS 12 and iOS 13 displays a worrying message in "battery status". One thing confirms in the crowd by iFixit experts. Here is the message displayed on the iPhone:

Unable to verify that this iPhone has an original Apple battery. Health information is not available for this battery.

ios 13 battery exchange repair error

To push the test, the Youtubeur then switches to a generic battery and installs it in its XR. After restarting, the component is finally accepted by iOS, as if the iPhone had gone to Apple after-sales service. The difference? The presence of a Texas Instrument chip which checks the state of charge and the health of the battery. The Youtuber had indeed taken the controller in question on the original battery and connected it to the generic battery. After a few delicate manipulations (software and hardware), the battery was recognized as "official".

A vicious blow from Apple that could drive DIY enthusiasts who do not like error messages crazy. In any case, if you want to change the battery of an iPhone XS, follow the very detailed iFixit guide.

The video on the battery change on iPhone XR