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Apple: Siri team member leaves ship

Siri ios 1024x535 - Siri : une importante innovation en approche ?

Siri ios 1024x535 - Siri : une importante innovation en approche ?


Posted: May 13, 2016
Updated: May 13, 2016

by benjamin

If new recruitments are more and more frequent at Apple there have also been many resignations in recent months. Indeed, after designer Danny Coster (read: Designer Danny Coster leaves Apple for GoPro), it’s now the turn of Darren Haas to leave the ship. He is one of the original team members of Siri. As a reminder, during the acquisition of the voice assistant by the Cupertino company, some of the engineers who designed Siri were also hired, including Dareen.

Siri ios 1024x535 - Apple: a member of the Siri team leaves the shipWithin the apple brand, Darren Haas was responsible for the personal assistant, and this, since 2010. If he leaves today, it is to join General Electric, a company specialized as his name indicates in electricity. Besides, he is not the first member of the original Siri team to migrate to this company. Steve D’Aurora did the same already a few weeks ago. So to believe that General Electric is wrestling its engineers one by one from Apple.

As for the motivation for this resignation, we don’t know much more yet. Nevertheless, it would seem that this choice of Darren Hass is linked to problems between certain teams working within Apple, and of course close to the service of Siri.