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Apple SIM now available in more than 140 countries

Apple SIM - L

Apple SIM - L


Posted: June 22 2016
Updated: June 22, 2016

by benjamin

TheApple SIM continues to expand today to conquer new countries. If it was only available in 90 countries before, it is now more than 140. This was recently announced GigSky, the main partner ofApple for this service.

For those who don’t know it yet, Apple SIM offers the possibility of having a compatible SIM card wherever you go. Likewise, it allows you to choose your plan directly from an iOS terminal. However, it is currently only available for the iPad 4G and it is not yet known whether the apple company will one day offer it on the iPhone.

Apple SIM - Apple SIM now available in more than 140 countriesFor newly added countries, users of the latest generation of iPads will now be able to take advantage of Apple SIM wherever they go. Among these countries, we can notably cite the following: Argentina, Armenia, Jamaica, Colombia, Dominica, Uganda, Peru, Pakistan, Venezuela, Uruguay, Zambia, Afghanistan, etc.

For the case of France, the service is still quite limited for the moment, because the Cupertino company has not yet found common ground with the French operators. Users will only be able to choose a package on the internet via GigSky.