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Apple shares start falling again

Apple shares start falling again

After a few weeks of increases, Apple shares (AAPL) started to fall again.


The Apple action (AAPL) is not really the party. After bouncing somewhat during the last week, it is clear that its price has been falling since the beginning of December. Apple's share is currently $ 509, and even $ 502 off the market and could drop below $ 500 before the end of the day. We are far from the 700 dollars reached following the release of the iPhone 5 last September.

Analysts are not showing much optimism on the action of the American glove in the short term. These are based in particular on sales of iPhone 5 and iPad which should not exceed 45 million units and 22 million units for the last quarter of this year. These analysts base their predictions on the fact that Apple has reduced orders for components for the iPhone 5 from Asian suppliers in order to prepare for a drop in demand. As for iPad sales, they would be cannibalized by those of the iPad mini.

Estimates that wouldn't change much for Apple if these analysts are believed. The latter believe that the American firm does not need to raise funds by selling its shares. Especially since this drop in share value could benefit Apple since it recently launched a program to buy back shares. A program spans three years.

Recall that the American glove has more than $ 100 billion in liquidity. A treasure of war which corresponds to a turnover of the group and which is sufficient to face possible difficulties.

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