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Apple shareholders demand new free speech report

Apple liberté expression

The proposal calls on Apple to publish a new annual report on freedom of expression and respect for human rights.

Apple libert expression

Apple shareholders who requested the report are concerned about Apple’s relationship with China. Indeed, the Cupertino company has repeatedly censored applications and other content at the request of the Chinese government in recent months. For this reason, Apple is asked to disclose in detail the actions it takes each year regarding censorship requests in China and any other country.

The report is expected to include all of Apple’s policies on freedom of expression and how the company has publicly committed to respecting this basic human right. The document makes specific reference to the fact that Apple publicly defends freedom of expression, when in practice it adapts to the demands of a government like China, which has repeatedly flouted the fundamental rights of its citizens.

According to the shareholders, with these behaviors, Apple is exposed to strong reputation risks: Our proposal would ensure that the company mitigates these risks by ensuring its accountability at the board level for freedom of expression.

Recall that in the past few months, Apple has blocked and removed over 1,000 VPN apps in China from the App Store and removed the app. This behind was used by Hong Kong protesters to avoid violent clashes with the police.

Apple's general meeting of shareholders will take place on February 26, 2020.