Apple sells off its iAd prices

When launching its iAd advertising strategy, Apple set the bar relatively high since it required a minimum of a million dollar budget from its advertisers to carry out a campaign on its new platform. A relatively high budget for an emerging system accessible only to a few renowned companies. Now that the first ad campaigns have ended, Apple says it has made the decision to divide by two the minimum spending threshold to access iAd. Goal of the strategy: to be able to reach smaller advertisers.

“The new minimum amount is a big step forward and it was more than necessary”, says Mark Read of WPP Digital. “This price reduction will make the platform (iAd) more attractive”.

Apple would it be difficult to break with its new service?

Launched in July 2010, Apple claims more than “60 successful campaigns” today, with a 100% renewal rate. Developers, on the other hand, believe that the strategy is slow to start and that the number of campaigns launched remains low.

"Apple does not aim to gain market share in television advertising but believes that its service reaches more people, demographically, through mobile technology, and it has great value", concluded Mark Read.

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