Apple sells its yoga mats for Fitness + for $ 120!

The arrival of Fitness +, on December 14, was not going to happen without its set of ancillary accessories. As of today, you can find yoga mats on the Apple site, the most expensive of which is $ 120. For the latter, the Cupertino company has joined forces with Manduka, a specialized brand manufacturing products that respect the environment.

Apple Yoga mat

As we know, Apple is not really the type to skimp on the price of its products. It is this strategy that has helped make the brand what it is today and, let’s face it, also make it appreciated. However, some announcements continue to make people smile. This is the case with these yoga mat that can be found on the firm’s online store at no less than 120 euros. These support the release of Fitness +, the new paid subscription to sports videos and exercises via the Apple Watch.

If Apple’s offer promises training in different disciplines, the company seems to have learned its lessons from confinement by offering for the time being only yoga related accessories. The most expensive carpet, at 120 euros therefore, is a Manduka 6 mm Performance. Exercising at home, of course, but certainly not with low-end products. Indeed, Manduka is a specialized yoga brand that sells accessories biodegradable, non-slip and anti-wear guarantee. Promise you will get your money’s worth.

Fitness + is coming December 14, 2020

Announced at the same time as the Apple Watch Series 6, Fitness + is scheduled for December 14th. On the program: weekly training in yoga, cycling, dancing, running… Meditation sessions are also offered to help you release the pressure after your efforts (or to forget the cost of your mat). Be careful though, theuse of an Apple Watch is mandatory since the programs adapt to the data collected by the connected watch.

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You can still watch the workouts on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. The service costs $ 9.99 per month and $ 79.99 annually. If you do not immediately feel the soul of an athlete, it should be noted that the subscription is free during its first month. Apple is even ready to make a gesture by offering you three months of use … against the purchase of an Apple Watch.