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Apple seeks tax reduction on Mac Pro components

Apple seeks tax reduction on Mac Pro components

Apple made a request, on July 18, to the US trade office, so that customs fees are reduced by 25% on their imports. The apple company is in fact supplied in China for certain components of its Mac Pro, and has already planned to assemble it there.

Part of the components of the next Mac Pro, which is to go on sale this fall, are made in China. But as we have known for several months, the political and commercial relations between the United States and their Chinese counterparts are not good. Trump wants to tax more products coming from the Middle Kingdom. A decision that forced certain companies specializing in technological products to locate their production in other Asian countries, for example.

With this significant tax on Chinese imports, the manufacture of the Mac Pro could cost Apple very dearly. An additional cost that we imagine can be passed on to the client. But the apple company decided to act and filed a file with the Office of the American representative of the trade, explained the siteBloomberg. She is asking the Trump administration to reduce customs duties on certain key parts and accessories of the home computer by 25%.

Components made in China include the stainless steel and aluminum frame, power supplies, some internal cables and circuit boards, and small wheels (which are an option). And unlike previous models of Mac Pro, Apple plans to assemble in China and not in the United States.

Temporary relief

If Trump recently agreed to lower tariffs on Chinese imports, this decision is temporary. And besides, the relief only concerns companies that prove that they cannot obtain parts or products outside of China. And again, there is a second condition: these goods must not be strategically important to Chinese industrial programs, and their rights must not be detrimental to the US economy.

The Mac Pro is not the only Apple product affected by the demand for lower customs fees. The Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad are also affected. The request was submitted on July 18, and is already the subject of a public consultation.