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Apple says no to the standard connector offered by the European Union

Apple has formally challenged the European Union’s request for the single standard connector for all smartphone and tablet manufacturers.

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A few days ago, the European Union proposed a rule which would oblige all manufacturers of smartphones to use a single standard port such as USB-C. This would mean the end of owner ports such as the Lightning used by Apple.

The Cupertino company replied to the European Union, saying that such a standard would harm consumers and innovation:

We believe that regulations that require the compliance of a connector integrated in all smartphones suppresses innovation, rather than encouraging it, and harms consumers in Europe and the economy as a whole.

This standard would have a direct negative impact, rendering hundreds of millions of devices and accessories unusable by our European and global customers unusable, creating an unprecedented volume of electronic waste and annoying users considerably.

Before 2009, the Commission had planned to oblige all smartphones to use only USB Micro-B connectors, effectively limiting technological progress towards Lightning and USB Type-C connectors. Instead, the Commission chose a voluntary approach, based on industry standards, which saw the transition of 30 chargers 3, which will soon be only two: Lightning and USB-C, showing that this approach works.

Apple then added that the industry is already moving towards USB-C, so there is no need to create a regulatory precedent.