Apple rumor causes Samsung to lose 10 billion

Apple rumor causes Samsung to lose 10 billion

Samsung was down 6% yesterday on the stock exchanges, which corresponds to $ 10 billion in value, following the launch of a rumor to say the least disturbing by the site Digitimes. He claims that Apple would have decided to place its chip orders with another producer, the Japanese Elpida.

The Taiwanese site Digitimes is the source of a rumor that could potentially cost Samsung $ 10 billion. Digitimes yesterday quoted analyst Choi Do-yeon of LIG Investment as saying "It looks like Apple doesn’t want to see Samsung and Hynix dominate the chip market. Apple wants to maintain its deal power by allowing the Elpida company to survive.

As the quote suggests, it was not to create a stir that Apple would have decided to leave Samsung but to maintain a competitive climate that would allow it to have better prices. Of course, all this is taken with tweezers because the rumor has not yet been commented. However, all of this tends to show that a simple rumor can actually cause damage to a business, even if it's only temporary …

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(Source: PhoneArena)