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Apple requests restitution of its iPhone 4G prototype

This iPhone 4G is the buzz of the moment in terms of rumors about the future Apple phone. First we thought of a nime fake [false information, note], a clone made in a basement in China where a story goes up from scratch.

First blow, some renowned experts attest, without hesitation, that this iPhone is indeed an authentic Apple but may not be the final model.

New twist on Monday, the specialized site Gizmodo, claims to be in possession of this model and reveals that this terminal is recognized by, iTunes, XCode and by the system profile as a iPhone.

After admitting to having lost a 4G iPhone prototype, Apple has sent an official letter Gizmodo in order to recover this model. It is even said that Steve Jobs, embarrassed by this story, would have personally contacted the executives of Gizmodo.

According to Apple, this terminal was not lost but simply stolen, the New York Times explains that this telephone would have been bought $ 5,000 per Gizmodo on the black market.

Finally, this media blow is, whatever it is successful, Apple would have mounted this story from scratch? This is possible because Cupertino has become a master in handling communication and in the cult of secrecy.

conversely, this leak would be the largest ever recorded by the firm of Steve Jobs.

Discover the official missive sent by Apple in the continuation.

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