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Apple repairs certain faulty iPad Air for free

Apple repairs certain faulty iPad Air for free

The Apple repair program covers specific 3rd generation iPad Air models.

Some users have complained about a problem with their iPad Air screen. Returns that prompted Apple to set up a free repair program for this product. The problem observed is the flickering of the screen of the 3rd generation iPad Air. After flashing or briefly flickering, the screen may become permanently black.

The repair program only concerns tablets manufactured between March and October 2019. Only the 3rd generation iPad Air purchased during the two years following the first retail sale of the device are affected, Apple clarified.

If you find the problem on your device and it is eligible for the program, simply go to an Apple Store or to an Apple authorized service center to obtain a free repair.

On the dedicated page, Apple states that no other diPad model is eligible for the program. In addition, this does not extend the duration of the iPad Air limited warranty. The company advises if possible to save the iPad data on iCloud before sending it for repair.