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Apple removes the Boom application at the request of the Chinese government


Apple has removed the Boom app from the App Store at the request of the Chinese government. New case of censorship?


As reported by Quartz, Apple has removed the Boom crypt keyboard from the App Store. This application allowed Chinese users to bypass censorship and use the system-integrated private messaging service.

Wang Huiyu, the young developer who created the app, said he started working with a classmate during the coronavirus outbreak in China. Wang said the purpose of the app was to provide Chinese users with a new way to combat rigid government surveillance by offering a private messaging app.

Apple explained to Wang that the app had been removed because it was full of content deemed illegal in China. According to initial reports, it appears that users of the app have also changed information about the news dedicated to the coronavirus and hidden by the Chinese government.

The Boom app remains available in the rest of the world. Once again, Apple has decided to respond to requests from the Chinese government. However, as explained in the past by the company, local regulations must be observed, otherwise we could not guarantee our services and products to users worldwide.