Apple Releases Tool to Radicate FlashBack

Apple Releases Tool to Radicate FlashBack

Apple is making available a security update that will remove the Flashback malware from its OS X operating system.

Apple made available this Thursday evening a tool that can put an end to the epidemic "FlashBack" on Mac computers. “This Java security patch removes the most common variants of Flashback malware. Java security patch for OS X 2012-003 ”, indicates the description of the update which will therefore reassure users whose computer is possibly infected. In addition, this update also configures the Java web module to disable the automatic execution of Java applets. Users can nevertheless reactivate their automatic execution in the Java Preferences application. Please note that if the Java web module considers that no applet has been running for some time, the Java applets will be deactivated again for security reasons.

FlashBack TROJAN touched more than 600,000 Macs worldwide. To deal with this crisis situation, Apple has developed this new tool hand in hand with the security company ISP.

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