Mac Pro et Pro Display XDR

Apple releases technical documents

Apple has released two very specific white papers covering the Mac Pro and the Pro Display XDR. These new documents provide a truly comprehensive overview of the technologies and internal workings of these devices.

Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR

The Mac Pro technical white paper, dated February 2020, highlights everything you need to know about this machine in terms of hardware and technology used. There are details on the architecture, the case, the configuration options and much more, as well as detailed images and graphics.

There is also talk of the custom Afterburner, which allows you to use native camera files throughout the workflow without the need for proxies.

The full document is available at this link.

The Pro Display XDR technical document includes several details on the main features of this monitor, its design, the case and many other features. This white paper also contains many detailed graphics and images. For example, here's what Apple says about nanotexture technology:

A nanotextured version of the glass cover is also available for professionals who need to work in less controlled lighting environments and prefer a screen with additional reduced glare. The rough surface is produced by an etching process to create nanostructures on the glass. The result is an innovative matte finish that effectively disperses light reflections for less perceived glare, thereby minimizing the impact on sharpness, color and contrast.

The full document is available at this link.