Apple releases new guidelines for HealthKit: developer icons and badges

Apple releases new guidelines for HealthKit: developer icons and badges

Apple has released HealthKit user interface guidelines to developers, providing further guidance on the use of relative terms. Apple Health and on how to use user data with full respect for privacy.

Apple HealthKit

HealthKit is the SDK that allows developers to create integrations with the Apple Health app for health and fitness apps, so that the data collected can be viewed on the Apple platform, where it is then aggregated with the health data from other applications. Applications can also access relevant data from the Sant application.

The new guidelines for developers using HealthKit are available on the dedicated website. Developers using HealthKit must provide a consistent privacy policy, request access to health data only when necessary, and provide descriptive messages when requesting permission to access health data.

Developers can now use the Apple Health icon to promote their apps, and of course Apple has a list of specific guidelines for developers who want to use this icon.

Only guidelines provided by Apple can be used, changes are not allowed, the name Apple Health must be close to the icon, and the icon cannot be used as a button. HealthKit integrations should be linked to Apple Health without any external mention of the HealthKit API.

Apple has also created the Works with Apple Health badge to allow developers to promote HealthKit-enabled apps on their websites.