Apple Releases Cards Application

Apple Releases Cards Application

In the crowd of the arrival of iOS 5, Apple has released its new Cards application. As its name suggests, this application will allow you to create and send personalized cards from your iPhone or iPod touch, and then send it anywhere in the world.

As soon as the application is launched, it allows you to create a card from 21 models available and grouped into several categories (thank you, celebration, birth, birthday, love and travel).

As soon as you select a map model, the application then allows you to personalize it: adding a photo where you will be able to display only the desired area, zoom in, etc.

Next comes the possibility of adding a small sentence overlay or next to your photo.

You will just have to fill in the text inside your card! Note that if you use one of the “Travel” models, you can have the GPS data automatically added to the location where your photo was taken.

Then fill in the recipient and sender details on the virtual envelope (you can use the address book of your iDevice).

Cards is not cheap! It will cost you 4.49 (postage included) with each card sent anywhere in the world. We will nevertheless appreciate the comfort of this service and the quality of printing applied: each card is printed in relief on 100% cotton paper.

In conclusion, Cards is an application that can delight people who do not want to waste time going to buy a postcard and who want to address an intention in an original way! We will appreciate the many themes offered, its simplicity of use and the possibility of being able to register your card (if it is a question of making a multiple shipment, for example). The price of this service could cool more than one but Cards has the advantage of operating with a single price and valid worldwide! Note that in the United States, a push notification service is set up when the card has arrived at its destination …

Download the Cards application on the App Store.

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