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Apple records excellent sales of high-end smartphones

It was not won in advance and few would have bet on Apple's success in the Indian market, which has always been dominated by the Samsung and Chinese brands. But according to the latest estimates, the iPhone accounts for more than 75% of all sales of high-end smartphones in the country.

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These data relate specifically to the fourth quarter of 2019, but not only to the iPhone. Apple also recorded significant sales of iPad, Apple Watch and AirPods.

Why this success in such a short time?

At the end of 2018, iPhone sales in India were much lower than those of OnePlus, Samsung or brands such as Realme, Oppo and Vivo. IDC analyst Navkendar Singh said at the time that Apple does not have enough confidence in the Indian production system at present to set up factories and move part of production out of China .

However, a year later, things have changed radically. Despite a slow start, in the second half of the year, Apple experienced strong growth in the country, thanks in particular to the new iPhone 11 and the price cuts of previous models, in particular the iPhone XR. A really huge growth, both to represent 75.6% of all premium smartphone sales, or with a price above 500 dollars (Rs 36,000).

The iPad is the most popular tablet in India

Apple’s strong growth in India is not only related to iPhone sales. The iPad has also become one of the most demanded products, growing rapidly since 2018. In India, the tablet market is experiencing unusual growth, unlike almost the rest of the world, and the most demanded product in this category is the iPad.

In the last period, other products such as the Apple Watch and the AirPods have taken over the market, especially thanks to the excellent marketing strategies adopted by the Cupertino company. There have been price reductions on the Apple Watch Series 3 and promotional discounts offered by banks and online sales channels on the Apple Watch Series 5.

Apple is betting heavily on India

Today, India is slowly becoming one of Apple's flagship markets and the company has decided to increase its presence in the country by shifting part of the production of products from China to India, also thanks to incentives from the Indian government.