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Apple recognizes the problem of anti-reflective coating

MacBook Air - problème revêtement antireflet

Apple has officially recognized that certain models of MacBook Air with Retina display may also have problems with the anti-reflective coating.

MacBook Air - glare coating problem

After the MacBook 12 and some MacBook Pros, it is now the turn of some MacBook Air models to be included in the free screen repair and replacement program. Apple shared this information in a note sent to all authorized service centers.

Any interested user can request a free screen replacement. At this time, the procedure is only done by calling Apple Customer Service or by visiting

Apple launched the repair program in October 2015, after some MacBook and MacBook Pro users encountered the problem with the anti-reflective coating. It wears on the edges of the screen as you can see in the photo below. Do not hesitate to contact Apple if you are concerned.