Apple ready to invade China with iPhone 4S

Apple ready to invade China with iPhone 4S

The American manufacturer has finally received authorization to sell its iPhone 4S on Chinese soil. The first copies should arrive via the Unicom network for the holiday season.

Since this year, China has officially become the largest market for smartphone sales, surpassing the United States. And it is clear that all the indicators are positive for the launch of the iPhone 4S in the Far East. At the end of October last year, Apple was indeed capturing Nokia's first place in terms of brand image on this market and logically came at the head of purchasing intentions with consumers.

Tim Cook, managing director of Apple, already considered the Chinese market as a standard opportunity for the brand to assert its position as world leader. It must be said that with an audience very receptive to brands and very large social changes that have created a high demand for luxury products, like Apple or Disney, China has become the market which we can no longer pass.

Negotiations with the Chinese administration have apparently been long but result in a positive judgment which grants Apple the authorization to market its smartphone for a duration of three years in the Republic. To make room for it in the sun, Apple can count on the participation of Unicom, the official distributor who will market the iPhone 4S at a price of 4,999 yuan, or about 590 euros without contract.

On December 16, the smartphone will pass a first stress test with its launch in Taiwan, the independent island enjoying a very special status with the Chinese authorities. Then, the iPhone 4S will be marketed in the other provinces through a network of more than 7000 points of sale. Given the results recorded in Hong Kong at the launch last November, it is very likely that sales of iPhone 4S will literally explode thanks to this launch, which we imagine to be decisive in the eyes of Apple.

Source: AppleInsider