Apple publishes a video tutorial for its HomePod

Apple publishes a video tutorial for its HomePod

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homepod apple iconIn recent months, the Apple brand has become accustomed to posting video tutorials online to help customers better understand its products.

While it may be convenient to take better photos or activate Apple Pay for example, it can also be useful to better learn a new product image of the HomePod.

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a video tutor for the homepod

If it is unfortunately necessary to know a minimum in English, to remove anything from this video, it starts from a good intention and we imagine that Apple will soon propose a translation.

To be precise, it is not the first video in this genre, but it is the most complete at the moment:

In the past, Apple had three spots to help Siri to launch music, learn to use the buttons or how to adjust the settings HomePod.

If you want french, we had the orders of the HomePod before its release.