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Apple: "ProView refuses to honor its agreement"

Apple: "ProView refuses to honor its agreement"

The case between Apple and the Taiwanese company ProView, which owns the name "iPad" in China, continues to be in the news. Apple said today that "ProView refused to honor its agreement." The company had sold Apple's international rights a few years ago, and has reportedly done the same with rights for the Chinese market. The trouble is, the deal would have been signed with a subsidiary. For its part, ProView estimates that the American company must pay it 1.5 billion dollars or renounce the name “iPad” on the Chinese market.

Often accused of taking part in cases between local, generally favored companies, and multinationals, the Chinese government seems to try to remain as neutral as possible in the case between Apple ProView. It must be said that the American company is a real steamroller that has an incredible brand image in China. It’s no surprise that the actions to stop the sale of iPad are very limited.

For its part, Apple has finally decided to comment on the case, stressing that the company had "bought international rights for the iPad brand in 10 different countries a few years ago."According to Apple, ProView"refuse to honor the agreement“, Despite the decision of the Hong Kong court of“lean in favor of Apple". ProView has a completely different view on the matter. The Taiwanese company does not hesitate to assert that Apple openly lies in its declarations by signaling “that banning the sale of the iPad brand to a third party does not mean leaning in favor of Apple". In reality, no legal decision has been made at this time, and ProView would just have been given the watchword not to sell the brand "iPad" to another company until justice is decided. The company says the US company has two options: abandon the iPad brand in China, or pay $ 1.5 billion in ProView fees.

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(Source: 9to5mac)