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Apple: prices up on almost all products in 2018


Posted: December 18 2018
Updated: December 18, 2018

by Martin

This year, Apple has raised prices on almost all of its product lines. The basic tariffs of some of them increased by around 20% on average. The Cupertino company says that the prices are justified because its devices are better than ever, but the pill seems more and more difficult to swallow for customers …

mac 1024x768 setup app - Apple: prices up on almost all products in 2018

The media Business Insider had the good idea to summarize all the price increases for Apple products in 2018, even when Apple’s action is doing rather badly:

  • The cheapest new iPhone costs 7% more than last year and 15% more than in 2016.
  • Both iPad Pro models have seen price increases of 23% and 25%.
  • The latest Apple Watch models are 21% or 25% more expensive than last year’s watches, depending on which one you buy.
  • The price of the MacBook Air increased by 20% in 2018.
  • The Mac Mini has seen a price increase of 60% this year.
  • Finally, the new second generation Apple Pencil is 30% more expensive than the previous model.

Has the total value of the components in all of these products increased in the same way as their prices? Not necessarily, according to Business Insider, which concludes: “As long as people keep buying their devices, Apple has little reason to change its strategy”.