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Apple prepares the Touch ID under the screen for… the iPhone of 2020

The keynote, it is September 10, and yet, we are already talking aboutiPhone 2020. If Apple intends to announce slight novelties for the iPhone XI, in particular a triple photo sensor and a reverse recharge integrated in the phone, many rumors suggest that the real changes will happen during theiPhone XII, the one that will arrive in … 2020.

5G, a notch that may disappear… Not everything is yet 100% known, but certain tracks are already exciting us. And there is one, particularly interesting, which would make us buy the iPhone 2020 directly: the Touch ID integrated under the screen. Some brands already incorporate it in many smartphones, including low-end phones. And yet Apple, which prefers to refine its technologies to make them perfect, has never talked about it. Just like foldable iPhones, by the way…

According to a source close to the supply chain, the iPhone 2020 should have a Touch ID under the screen. And according to Ming-Chi Kuo, famous analyst, Touch ID should appear between 2020 and 2021. If the news were to be confirmed, it would mean that Apple really intends to make a technological leap between the iPhone XI and XII. Moreover, the iPhone XII Pro, also mentioned by Ming Chi Kuo, should integrate a sensor for a better augmented reality … The future is therefore not at the end of September, but in 2020!