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Apple prepares its own electric vehicle

The mysterious equipment-clad vehicles measures praised by Apple and crisscrossing the United States as well as the tensions concerning engineers migrations between the Californian group and Tesla Motors, manufacturer of electric vehicles, had asked the question of the existence of a possible vehicle project directly designed by the firm with the apple and recalling the famous iCar dreamed by Steve Jobs.

Apple Maps Street View And it would be good what Apple is actually preparing with a project Titan electric vehicle whose design would be that of a minivan, reports the Wall street journal. This is a global program which may not lead to a commercial vehicle but whose technologies under study may be used for other products of the group.

A product such as an electric vehicle is very outside the activity of the group and would require years to be finalized and to obtain all the necessary certifications but the economic newspaper indicates that the number of employees involved, which could be a thousand , and various meetings with auto parts suppliers reveal the importance of the project for the Californian giant.

logo_pro_apple The team also includes several good connoisseurs of the automotive sector and according to indiscretions, Apple would be determined to enter the motor vehicle market and try to create the same break as when it entered the mobile phone market.

It would be a question of designing an electric vehicle and not an autonomous vehicle as developed by another giant like Googe. The project would have been validated about a year ago by Tim Cook and a former Ford who heads it: Steve Zadesky.

The rumor of a project likely to straighten Tesla Motors would be very real but it remains to be seen whether Apple will have the means to take it to a commercial stage, beyond the efforts already made and which gave birth to the infotainment platform CarPlay.