Apple praises its iPad in a new spot on the theme of Christmas

Nol approach, Apple will miss the opportunity to remind the world that an iPad can be a good gift idea.


It is with a new video that the Californian firm boasts its tablet in different situations. It is useful for entertaining children on a plane trip. It can also be an ideal companion to capture moments in photo, video … everything has to prepare a nice slideshow, to make a surprise to the grandfather.

Of course, Apple is here playing the motion card to show that his iPad is suitable for everyone, 7 77 years old. And again, we could widen the age bracket.

On our side, we can not say too bad about the iPad, and more specifically the iPad Pro which is really (for us) an excellent tablet. Probably even the best in the market, both in terms of design and performance. Of course, Apple can still do better, but it is already doing very well. We will see what the company is preparing for the next release expected next year.