Powerbeats Pro: they are available for sale for 249,95 euros

Apple Powerbeats Pro will only be available in black color at launch

iphone beatsYesterday, Apple obtained authorization for the sale of the Powerbeats Pro by the Federal Communications Commission, which indicates that the launch is planned for the month of May, as planned. But the availability of colors is subject to change.

If you plan to buy Powerbeats Pro at launch, next month; you may have to wait a little longer if you are eyeing a color other than black.

powerbeats pro colors

A launch "Black" without colors

Powerbeats Pro will be available in stores in 20 countries in May at the price of 249.95then in other countries later this summer and autumn. But only the option in black – so probably the most popular color – will be available for sale. Other colors – Cream, Bottle Green and Deep blue – already presented by Beats will only be available later this summer. However, the reason behind the unavailability of other colors was not communicated by Apple.

Reminder: some Powerbeats Pro features

Apple has announced Powerbeats Pro Earlier this month, positioning the headphones as an alternative AirPods focus on fitness and including details of SIZE: a brand new design, a management of Hey Siriup to 9 hours between two charges, as well as many of the same features as those introduced for the first time in the second generation AirPods, including a H1 chip for fast iPhone connectivity and simple switching between devices, and much more.