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Apple plans to replace the crown with a joystick

The Apple Watch digital crown could be more flexible in the future. Apple has found a way to turn the smartwatch button into a joystick.

Apple Watch patent

Apple Watch provides users with a variety of interaction methods, including voice control, touchscreen, side button, and digital crown. The latter is already a versatile component that allows you to click, activate ECG playback and more. In the future, its functions could be even more numerous thanks to the inclusion of a real joystick.

Apple Watch patent

In the patent, Apple suggests that the digital crown could be transformed into a kind of joystick or directional controller. This joystick would allow users to perform multiple operations by moving the cursor in multiple directions. Thanks to a series of sensors, the system would also be able to better manage the digital crown according to the movements of the joystick.

Apple explains that, unlike the existing user interface on Apple Watch that does not use a cursor, in the future there may be graphic elements that can be managed by the crown joystick, with vertical and horizontal movements that entail various types of adjustments.