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Apple plans to celebrate women properly


Posted: March 1 2019
Updated: March 1, 2019

by Steve

Next week, March 8, will be International Women’s Day. To celebrate this day, without which women could never be equal to men (sic), Apple has decided to transform the whole of March into a month of homage to the female sex. The apple brand has therefore described in detail its monthly program, which will honor several partnerships with American clubs and organizations. Because yes, in France, it’s not that yet.

International Women's Day - Apple plans to celebrate women properly

So, coded language courses Swift will be given to trainers to allow women wishing to master computer language. Sure Apple Music, female artists will be highlighted thanks to the creation of playlists and portraits. The American section “Today”, in theApp store, will also honor women, and female selections are expected to appear in books, podcasts and movies offered in other Apple stores.

And in France, “Today At Apple” activities will be available, in particular at the Apple Store on the Champs-Élysées: three “Creations for Women” workshops will be available, including the arrival ofAnna Wanda Gogusey for the realization of Pencil portraits with Illustrator Draw, Diane Sagnier for visual effects on videos taken on the iPhone, and Charlotte Deregnieaux for black and white photos.