Apple makes iPhone 7 and 8 especially for Germany [EDIT : en vente]

Apple plans iPhone 8C (or 8SE) for 2020

iphone-8.pngWhat if Apple redid the iPhone 5C but with the iPhone 8? According to Digitimes, Pegatron would have received an order for the iPhone 8 version 2020 for around 20 million units.

It is a model reviewed inside, with the look that we already know, hence our title with iPhone 8C. You could even think of an iPhone 8SE.

iphone 8 red back back back official

An iPhone 8C or 8SE in March 2020?

This "new" model could be launched in March 2020, in order to boost sales of the six-month apple of the new models, the most upscale.

This new iPhone 8C would have an A13 processor – the one that will equip the 2019 iPhone, a simple rear camera, 128 GB storage and a new motherboard. It could be similar to an iPhone 8SE if we base ourselves on the latest mid-range version of Apple which had released the iPhone SE in March 2016 with an iPhone 6S core, which appeared just before.

An iPhone 8C what price?

The price should be around 600 dollars, ideal for vampirizing the sales of competitors and in particular Chinese brands like Huawei or Oppo. If Apple could even offer an even lower price and one or two other new features, the box would be almost guaranteed.

Remain to check all this and know the target markets for this iPhone 8C which could interest more than one.

PS : our iPhone 6C concept could finally become reality.