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Apple pays $ 5 million Elan to avoid litigation

Apple pays $ 5 million Elan to avoid litigation

Apple has decided to stop legal fees in a battle with the Taiwanese company Elan, which has accused it of violating its Multitouch patent for years. Cupertino decided to pay the $ 5 million required to avoid taking the case to court.

In the very complicated world of patents, it is sometimes better to avoid additional costs by paying royalties directly to another company. Apple understood this well and preferred to shed $ 5 million in favor of Elan, a Tawanese company which accused it of violating one of its patents on the Multitouch (the detection of one or more fingers by a surface of contact at different points). However, Elan had lost the first ITC legal battle but was already returning to California. Although decided to leave it behind, Apple paid the $ 5 million required for Elan to stop its legal actions.

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Source: FocusTaiwan