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Apple pays 12 million euros to the French tax authorities


Posted: July 11 2019
Updated: July 11, 2019

by Steve

Giant as it is, Apple is not above the rules. And if the apple brand is trying to give itself an image of a white knight, whether through measures put in place for education or through their collaboration with the States, Apple is nonetheless a very large multinational. And who says multinational says … big deal! The proof with this new payment, revealed by L’Express.

€ 11.94 million. This is the sum that Apple paid to the French tax authorities a short time ago, through a payment made by Apple Retail France, the French branch of the Apple Stores. This large amount relates to back taxes and penalties. If 11.94 million euros seems enormous to you, Apple is not yet at its first attempt: at the end of 2018, the Californian firm had paid 500 million euros to the State!

L’Express was thus able to consult two financial documents filed with the Paris Commercial Court. Of these, it is indicated that Apple Retail France collected 725 million euros in turnover in 2018, for a profit of 20 million euros. Apple France, it had declared 200 million euros of turnover in France. A notable difference! The agreement with the tax authorities had an impact, since the French branch of Apple now evokes 925 million euros in revenue.