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Apple Pay will arrive at LCL in this semester and BforBank in 2020

Apple Pay in France: UpDéjeuner is now compatible with Apple's payment service

payment apple pay 1000x615 Apple Pay will arrive at LCL during this semester and BforBank during 2020

Apple Pay is now available in almost all banks in France. Two new banks announce the arrival of support for Apple?s contactless payment service during the current year. These two banks are LCL and BforBank.

They both posted the ad on Twitter in response to users who asked the question. In regards to LCL, the launch is planned, as we can read in the tweet below, for this semester. However, no additional details were released by the bank.

For its part, the bank BforBank indicates that Apple Pay will be released at BforBank sometime in 2020. Like the tweet LCL, that of BforBank does not drop any additional information.

Apple Pay arrived at Agricultural credit a few hours ago now (see: Apple Pay: Apple?s contactless payment service finally arrives at Crédit Agricole). Agricultural credit is the owner of these two banks which have just announced the availability of the contactless payment service from Apple for their customers during 2020, which means that they will have to wait as the customers of the CA did.

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