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Apple Pay will account for 52% of OEM payments in 2024

Apple Pay

Apple Pay will account for 52% of all OEM transactions by 2024, according to a new report released by Juniper Research.

Apple Pay

From this research, it emerges that the use of Apple Pay will continue to grow in the coming years, going from 48% in 2020 to 52% in 2024. This growth will be driven mainly by China and Europe, as well as by new Apple cards are coming to several countries. OEM payments are those made via services on mobile devices.

Susannah Hampton, of Juniper Research, says that competitors, including Google and Samsung, must continue to extend the door of their services to advance in the market. In total, the value of global contactless transactions will reach nearly $ 6 trillion by 2024, up from $ 2 trillion in 2020.

By 2024, moreover, Pay transactions alone are expected to reach a total of $ 686 billion.