Apple Pay supported by 7 banks from its launch in Taiwan

Apple pay taiwan - Apple Pay supporté par 7 banques dès son lancement à Taïwan


Posted: April 7 2017
Updated: April 7, 2017

by benjamin

Apple launched its contactless payment service in Taiwan in late March, and it was quickly adopted by the Taiwanese banking industry. Indeed, Apple Pay is already supported by seven banks. The country’s major commercial brands also offer their customers the option of paying for their purchases using the apple platform.

Apple’s payment service is available to all Visa and MasterCard cardholders who have an account at one of the following locations: Cathay United Bank, CTBC Bank, E. Sun Commercial Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank, Taishin International Bank, and Union Bank of Taiwan.

Apple pay taiwan - Apple Pay supported by 7 banks from its launch in TaiwanApple Pay also works in stores where contactless payments are accepted. It is therefore possible to use the platform to make purchases in major Taiwanese brands such as Eastern Department Stores, Carrefour, PXMart, Sogo and The Breeze Center. FamilyMart stores also accept Apple Pay, but only for customers of Taishin International bank.

Apple Pay can be used from an iPhone, an Apple Watch, an iPad and even a Mac (under macOS Sierra). Rumors suggest that the service will soon be launched in Italy, Belgium, Germany and South Korea.