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Apple Pay: soon available in Switzerland?

apple pay suisse - Apple Pay : bientôt disponible en Suisse ?

apple pay suisse - Apple Pay : bientôt disponible en Suisse ?


Posted: June 8 2016
Updated: June 8, 2016

by benjamin

The apple company continues today to extend Apple Pay in different countries of the world. If we believe the information disclosed by the site Finews, Switzerland will be the next country in which the online payment service arrives.

apple pay suisse - Apple Pay: soon available in Switzerland?In fact, Apple Pay could be available in Switzerland from Monday, June 13, which coincides with the opening date of WWDC 2016. To begin with, customers of the private bank “Corner Bank” would be the only beneficiaries of the service. However, it would later extend to other banks such as “UBS” or “Credit Suisse”. Moreover, it could even be that they can also dispose of it from June 13.

In addition, the Cupertino company plans to launch its contactless payment system in another (European) country very soon. Corridor noises evoke in particular Spain or France, but nothing is sure yet. However, as the negotiations are going rather well between Apple and certain French banks, Apple Pay should not delay to arrive in France. At least, we hope so!