Apple Pay: imminent launch at HSBC France

Apple Pay HSBC - Apple Pay : lancement imminent chez HSBC France


Posted: March 10 2017
Updated: March 10, 2017

by benjamin

HSBC will be one of the first banks to offer Apple Pay in France. According to the newspaper The echoes, the London establishment is currently preparing to launch the apple brand payment service in the country.

Apple Pay HSBC - Apple Pay: imminent launch at HSBC FranceFor this launch in France, HSBC will rely on the Natixis Payment Solutions group, its long-standing partner. For the moment, no information has filtered concerning this imminent deployment. It is also difficult to obtain details, as no official press release has been issued. In other countries, the British bank already supports Cupertino’s payment service, notably in the United Kingdom, China and the United States. Apple Pay is also available in localities like Hong Kong and Singapore.

The arrival of the service in France will not be a first. Indeed, users of the Banque Populaire and the Savings Bank can already benefit from it. Note that the two establishments are part of the BCPE group. Other payment services also support the Apple platform, including Orange Cash, Boon and Electronic Luncheon Vouchers. The hexagonal success of Apple Pay is even less since the payment service is shunned by a large part of the country’s banks. Not surprisingly, the other institutions favor their own solution.