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Apple Pay finally arrives at La Banque Postale


Posted: March 7 2019
Updated: March 6, 2019

by Steve

Apple Pay has arrived in one of the biggest French banks! The apple brand service, which allows you to shop in store, on theApple Store or on the web, so come to The postal bank. As a reminder, Apple Pay is a mobile payment service, announced in September 2014 for a launch in October in the United States. The application allows you to pay with your bank card via our device iOS thanks to the chip NFC, and also thanks to TouchID and FaceID.

apple pay postal bank - Apple Pay finally arrives at La Banque Postale

According to the Cupertino firm’s website, ” pay with Apple Pay and your iPhone is faster than with a credit card “, And above all more secure:” Your card number is never stored on your device or on Apple servers “, since “ Apple Pay uses a number specific to your device

Today, Banque Postale benefits from Apple Pay: “ To benefit from this service, all you need is a device compatible with Apple Pay and a VISA payment card issued by La Banque Postale “, It says on the bank’s website. The arrival of Apple Play at La Banque Postale is a real advance for users of French iOS devices, and it is certain that the service will become more popular.